A collection of 200 terrible things to say on a first date turned into a fun party game!

This highly relatable topic will have your guests laughing with and at their friends as they get pitched against each other in the ultimate battle of bad lines!

Put together following extensive research, these cards also make a brilliant gift for someone, who is particularly bad at dating. They might learn a thing or two!

There are so many ways you can play. Choose from the set of rules below or come up with your own one!


Drink If You Get It Wrong

  1. Shuffle both decks together.
  2. One player draws 3 random cards and places them in front of another player of their choosing.

  3. The challenged player will try to guess, which one out of the three quotes the first player thinks is the worst to say on a first date. 

  4. If the guess is wrong, the player must drink!
  5. Game continues clockwise until everybody have passed out, or ready to get up and dance.

Who In The Room?


  1. Use cards with blue line only if all players are guys, and cards with pink line for girls only groups. If playing with a mixed group, shuffle both decks together. 
  2. Place the deck face down on the table. 
  3. Turn over the top card.
  4. Players then point to the person they think is most likely to say what’s on the card on a date.
  5. Player with the most fingers pointing at them must drink (if playing as a drinking game).
  6. Continue with the next card.

Hot Seat

  1. Shuffle both decks together and decide who the first judge is.
  2. Deal 5 cards to each player. The judge can leave their cards on the table for now.
  3. All others pass one card, face down, to him/her/them. Played cards are then shuffled and revealed. 
  4. Out of the cards revealed, the judge needs to decide which is the worst thing someone can say on a first date regardless if it’s by a guy (blue line) or by a girl (pink line).
  5. Person, who played the selected quote gets a point.
  6. All, except the judge, draw a new card.
  7. Game continues clockwise until all cards have been played.

Head To Head


  1. Shuffle both decks together.
  2. Deal 3 cards to each player. Leave the rest as a draw pile.
  3. The youngest person starts by playing a quote that they think out of the 3 in his/her hand is the worst someone can say on a first date. (Cards with a blue line are what men have said, pink what women have said).
  4. Player on the left responds with their worst quote card.
  5. Remaining players decide, who gets a point. Debate encouraged. In case of a draw, both score.
  6. Both draw a new card and player, who went second, now starts.
  7. For a quick game, play 5 rounds. Otherwise, keep going until all cards have been used.

Watch This Space


More rules coming soon!

Watch This Space


More rules coming soon!

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